2018-19 Artist Program

Programa de Artistas (artist program), 2018-19
mid-March–mid-December 2018 (classes) + March-June 2019 (projects follow up and final exhibition)

Application deadline: February 19th, 2018
Universidad Torcuato Di Tella, Departamento de Arte, Av. Figueroa Alcorta 7350, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Concept 2018

The Artists’ Program is a space for artists, critics, and curators interested in taking part in intensive training, debate, and production—the three pillars of the program since its founding in 2009. Our faculty consists of outstanding local and international artists, curators, philosophers, and art critics at the height of their artistic and professional careers. 

This tenth edition of the program—which will last for a year and a half—will be structured around two seminars that attempt to bring together diverse practices and knowledges. First, the Analysis of Artistic Production Seminar will be a concentrated space for reflection on the work of each participant; it will include visits from a series of artists who will hold lectures and informal talks on their production. In 2018, three professors will engage in group and individual work with students in the framework of the seminar. Second, a Philosophy Workshop will provide a space geared solely to addressing the current and historical problems that frame artistic production today and to providing broader cultural and social context. The workshop will consist of a series of monthly lectures by eminent theorists, historians, and philosophers. The Philosophy Workshop thus combines analysis of a corpus of texts and master lectures followed by discussions. 

A small group of young curators and/or art critics will be selected to take part in those two core 
seminars, along with the artists in the program, in order to generate exchange where distinct positions, professional roles, and contributions are explored in an intensive joint exercise. In addition, a series of seven Curatorial Units geared mainly to those curators and art critics will be held. Those units will include classes in the history of exhibitions, theoretical discussions, case studies, a critical writing workshop, and a seminar on legal matters. The core professors in the 2018 edition of the Artists’ Program will be artists Carlos Huffmann, Valentina Liernur, and Diego Bianchi (Analysis of Artistic Production Seminar) and Santiago
García Navarro (Philosophy Workshop). 

The eighteen-month program will begin with intensive course work from mid-March to early December, 2018. In March 2019, the group will reconvene, now for meetings held twice a month and for tutorials, to work on the Final Exhibition, scheduled for June 2019.
Important information
  • All courses are in Spanish
  • Enrollment: approximately 18 artists and 6 critics/curators
  • Application: applicants are selected by a faculty committee. There are no specific requirements or limitations in terms of area of background; the program is open to participants from other areas of the arts interested in exploring contemporary art. 
  • Tuition: tuition is subsidized in the interest of making the program accessible to a broad range of individuals from Argentina and abroad. 
  • Resources: the Programa de Artistas provides participants with a group studio space (for the first year); access to the university's library; access to the archives of the Instituto Di Tella; equipment for video editing; and access to a carpentry workshop (upon request). Parallel to the program, the Departamento de Arte organizes a series of exhibitions, lectures, and symposia geared toward furthering exchange with the wider art community.