UTDT welcomes exchange students from partner universities and free movers (students coming from institutions without a bilateral exchange agreement) who are eager to learn in a friendly yet rigorous academic environment. In its close-knit community, incoming students have access to a wide array of thought-provoking courses, seminars, workshops, and talks focused on the Social Sciences, Architecture, Art, Business, and Law. A broad offering of weekly cultural and sports activities provides students with unparalleled opportunities for gaining an in-depth understanding of the local culture and developing long-lasting friendships and a rich network of professional connections. 


My exchange at the UTDT was to me the most fulfilling, entertaining and rewarding experience of my studies so far. I had the opportunity to master a new language while immersing into a new culture, in a new geographic area that I hardly knew before, and to meet the greatest people from all horizons! I am now filled with memories of this incredible semester, that I spent meeting new people and experiencing the Argentinian way of life, that I will always remember as a lifetime opportunity that I am glad I ceased!

Pierre Maruzzi | Bachelor in Management — McGill University, Canadá

Studying at Di Tella has been a singular and fantastic experience. It’s awesome to be able to listen to various prestigious professors, who are all very approachable, and talk with them regarding the subject matter and other things non-academically related. Being on the swim team here has also allowed me to meet other Argentines and develop friendships that will last even beyond my time here.

Humberto Juarez Rocha | Major in Social Sciences — Harvard University, United States

My experience at UTDT gave me the opportunity to discover a fabulous capital city while studying in an excellent university. The classes were all extremely interesting, with passionate professors coming from the best universities in the world. It was a unique experience that allowed me to study a lot on Latin-American history with a point a view totally different from the one we have in Europe. What’s more, the Argentinian students and faculty staff were always very helpful and welcoming. Overall, this exchange was one of the best experience of my life!

Louise Dennery | Bachelor in Management — HEC Paris, Francia

My experience was excellent and very well-organized, with dedicated and great teachers. The University has a modern and great infrastructure. The international student’s team cares a lot about us and do the best for our comfort. The numerous events organized give us the opportunity to meet all the Argentinean students as well as international students. In short, an experience more than recommandable!

Lorraine Grisard de la Rochette | Master in Law — Université Catholique de Louvain, Bélgica

I first heard about Di Tella from one of my economics professors at Brown University, who highly recommended it to me as an option for studying abroad. UTDT has been such a great and supportive environment that has helped me before coming to Argentina and during my stay in the amazing city of Buenos Aires. Academically speaking, my experience at the university has been both fun and rewarding; I learned a lot from the varied and rigorous classes that are offered, and from the dedicated professors who made sure to communicate the course material very well and to create a strong support system for exchange students. Many thanks to UTDT’s Office of International Programs for this unforgettable experience!

Mohammed-Reda Semlani | A.B. Economics and Development Studies — Brown University

Even before arriving in Argentina I had heard about the prestigious reputation of Di Tella University as far away as Princeton, New Jersey. My experience studying in Di Tella certainly did not let down my high expectations. I can say without the slightest doubt in my mind that Di Tella offers the finest facilites and student attention in Argentina. In fact, it resembles in many facets a private American institution. I found the professors engaging and thought provoking, and my classmates studious and interactive in class. Moreover, the exchange student office was there for me when I ran into scheduling conflicts and the library was crucial for providing me the resources for my final written work for other universities lacking student resources! Overall, a positive experience!

Samuel Rob | Public Policy and International Affairs — Princeton University

I was a visiting student at UTDT from October 2014 to June 2015. This academic year was a special and unforgettable memory for me. I had never been to Argentina before, even to South America. All the things I met there were new and attractive, which enriched my experience. I well completed my research plan at UTDT, with advice from some professors who are really nice and were very patient to my questions. I learnt a lot from the lectures and enjoyed the various social and cultural activities offered by the Department of International Programs. Buenos Aires is definitely a place I will return to and I recommend UTDT to any student who is serious about learning in a great city!

Jia Tian | PhD in Political Science — Tsinghua University, China


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