Health Insurance

UTDT requires that all exchange students are covered by a health insurance that must be obtained prior of arrival in Argentina and must be valid from the first to the last day of the semester. It must include medical diagnosis and treatment, preventive medicine, hospitalization and surgery, mental health treatment, dental care, first aid and transportation to a hospital or clinic, medical equipment and appliances, treatment of chronic diseases, paramedical services, medical evacuation and repatriation of mortal remains in a minimum amount of U$D 7500, and discount in prescribed medications.

The University suggests the plan provided by William Hope, because it does not have any deductibles or copayments, and all medical costs are included in the monthly fee. The monthly cost for 2019 is: U$D 78 / Euro $70

For details on the coverage, please download the Plan Description. For questions about the plan, please contact Fernando Ceccardi: obtain the insurance, please complete this form. 

Other suggested providers are CEMICOSDESwiss MedicalGalenoMedicus and any other local insurance that covers all the requirements listed above.

Students with pre-existing conditions should indicate this in their applications and contact us prior to arrival to discuss their medical needs and insurance coverage. 

Exchange students who fail to show proof of adequate health insurance by the first week of classes will not be allowed to enroll at the University.

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