Graduate courses

When selecting graduate courses, please take into consideration that:

  1. All graduate programs at UTDT are part-time and usually meet weekly from 7 to 10 pm since graduate students work full-time.
  2. Only students who have completed at least 4 years of university-level studies will be allowed to register for Master level courses.
  3. Our undergraduate programs are 4 or 5 years in length. European Master students can choose 4th and 5th year Di Tella courses to meet their home University requirements.
  4. Unless otherwise stated, courses are taught in Spanish.
  5. Class attendance is mandatory; students must attend at least 80% of the classes of each course.
  6. Every effort to accommodate your request for enrollment will be made, but some courses fill quickly and full courses are not overridden. Therefore, several preferences should be submitted in the form to ensure that your needs will be met.
  7. **Professors from the Masters in Political Science and International Studies may take up to 2 months days after completion of the course to submit grades. Therefore, it is important to be aware of this time frame if a transcript is needed immediately after the end of the exchange semester for enrollment or commencement purposes.

Course registration process

With the acceptance package, we will send you the final learning agreement. You must complete this form and return it to by the due date indicated on it. Please select up to 6 courses in order of preference. We will pre-register you in them and will work individually with you to help you with your final registration.

Program 1st Quarter of 2020  2nd Quarter of 2020 3rd Quarter of 2020
Master in Political Science** March 9  - May 25  June 8 - August 28 September  14 - November 27
Master in Economics March 9 - June 6  June 8  - September 19 September 21  - December 19
Master in International Studies** March 9  - May 25   June 8  - August 28  September 14  - November 27 
Master in Finance March 2  - May 30  June 8 - September 12 September 21  - December 19 
Master in Public Policy March 9 - May 15   June 8 - August 21  September 14 - November 20
Master in Urban Economics March 9 - May 15  June 8 - August 21 September 14 - November 20

Program 1st Module 2nd Module 3rd Module 4th Module 5th Module
(courses last approx. 2 months)*
March - April May - June
June - July August - September October-November
Master in Law and Economics
(courses last approx. 2 months)
March - May May - July
August - September September - October October-December
Master in Management + Analytics
March 23 - May 22 May 26 - July 24
August 10 -October 9 October 12 - December 1
February  - March, 2021

*Only open to MBA students who are at least 26 years of age and have a minimum of 3 years of work experience
**In the Master´s Programs in International Studies and Political Science professors may take up to 50 days after completion of the course to submit grades. Therefore, it is important to be aware of this time frame if a transcript is needed for commencement or enrollment shortly after the exchange period at UTDT.