Seminarios presentados durante 2014

19/03/2014 Rody Manuelli "The Dynamics of Immigrant Earnings"
20/03/2014 Ariel Burstein "Aggregate Implications of Innovation Policy"
04/04/2014 Pedro Pinho Teles "Credit Spreads and Credit Policies"
16/04/2014 Paul Segal "Structural Change in Argentina, 1935-1960: The Role of Import Substitution and Factor Endowments"
23/04/2014 Andrés Chambouleyron "Transaction Cost Regulation After Expropriation: Argentina's Public Utility Sector"
28/04/2014 Alejandro Manelli "Bayesian and Dominant Strategy Incentive Compatibility in Multidimensional Environments"
14/05/2014 Martin Fiszbein "Agricultural Diversification and Economic Development: Evidence from U.S. History"
21/05/2014 Quique Kawamura "Regulation and State Intervention in Non-Renewable Natural Resources: the cases of the oil and gas sectors in Argentina"
28/05/2014 Martin Rossi "Career Choices and the Evolution of the College Gender Gap"
04/06/2014 Andrea Mantovani "The Fight Against Cartels: A Transatlantic Perspective"
11/06/2014 Francisco Espinosa "On the Cyclical Properties of Corruption and Turnover"
18/06/2014 Romans Pancs "An Optimal Auction with Moral Hazard"
02/07/2014 Joaquin Coleff "Information Provision in Procurement Auctions"
16/07/2014 Nicolas Caramp "Risk Sharing Under Limited Commitment and Private Information"
30/07/2014 Christoph Mueller "Robust Implementation in Weakly Rationalizable Strategies"
06/08/2014 Sebastián Di Tella "Optimal Financial Regulation and the Concentration of Aggregate Risk"
07/08/2014 Michel Serafinelli "Good Firms, Worker Flows and Local Productivity"
12/08/2014 Pablo Kurlat "Liquidity as Social Expertise"
13/08/2014 Pablo Fajgelbaum "Measuring the Unequal Gains From Trade"