Seminarios Presentados Durante el 2012

28/03/2012 Aytek Erdil (University of Cambridge) Strategy-proof Stochastic Assignment

11/04/2012 Mariano Kulish (Reserve Bank of Australia) Estimation and Solution of Rational Expectations Models with Anticipated Structural Changes

18/04/2012 Ignacio Munyo (CERES & Universidad de San Andrés) The Juvenile Crime Dilemma

09/05/2012 Juan Sanchez (Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis, Research Department) Why Doesn't Technology Flow from Rich to Poor Countries?

27/06/2012 Federico Mandelman (Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta) Labor Market Polarization and International Macroeconomic Dynamics

04/07/2012 Joaquin Blaum (MIT and Brown University) Wealth Inequality and the Losses from Financial Frictions

12/07/2012 Maxim Mironov (IE Business School) Corruption in Procurement and Shadow Campaign Financing: Evidence from Russia

25/07/2012 Omer Moav (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) Transparency and Institutions

02/08/2012 Fernando Alvarez (University of Chicago) Price setting with menu cost for multi-product firms

08/08/2012 Paulo Somaini Competition and Interdependent Costs in Highway Procurement

15/08/2012 Emilio Espino (UTDT) Efficiency and Investment in Partnerships

22/08/2012 Francesco Amodio Ethnicity, Migration and Conflict: Evidence from Contemporary South Africa

29/08/2012 Javier Bianchi (NYU) International Reserves and Rollover Risk

30/08/2012 Brent Neiman (University of Chicago) Declining Labor Shares and the Global Rise of Corporate Savings

05/09/2012 Saul Llach (The Hebrew University) Heterogeneous Price Information and the Efect of Competition

23/10/2012 Marcelo Veracierto (Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago) The Role of Housing in Labor Reallocation

03/10/2012 Oscar Volij (University of Jerusalem) First-Mover Advantage in Two-Sides Competitions: An Experimental Comparision of Role-Assigment

31/10/2012 Rosa Matzkin (UCLA) Nonparametric Identification of Structural Economic Models

07/11/2012 Martin Besfamille (UTDT) Public expenditure smoothing at the subnational level: Evidence from Argentina

21/11/2012 Juan Pablo Nicolini (UTDT and Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis) Liquidity Traps and Monetary Policy: Managing Credit Crunch Preliminary and Incomplete

28/11/2012 Omar Licandro (IAE-CSIC and Barcelona GSE) Is the GDP growth rate in NIPA a welfare measure?

20/12/2012 Sebastián Di Tella (MIT) Uncertainty Shocks and Balance Sheet Recessions