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Dr. Martín Hevia

S.J.D. Faculty of Law, University of Toronto

Vicerrector, UTDT  

Martín Hevia is deputy provost at Universidad Torcuato Di Tella and associate professor at the School of Law. He was dean (2017-2022), executive dean (2013-2017) and director of the law degree program (2010-2016) of the School of Law. He holds a Doctor of Laws degree (S.J.D.) from the University of Toronto, Canada (2007) and an abogado (JD equivalent) from the Universidad Torcuato Di Tella (2001). At UTDT, he teaches courses on the foundations of private law and legal innovation.

His works on civil and commercial law, public health law, bioethics and legal innovation have been published in international journals of his specialty such as the Journal of Law & Biosciences; Law, Medicine & Ethics; Health & Human Rights; Texas Law Review and Journal of European Competition Law & Practice, among others. He is the author of Reasonabless and Responsibility: A Theory of Contract Law (Springer, 2012) and editor of, among others, Regulating Neuroscience: Transnational Legal Challenges (Elsevier, 2021) and co-editor of Controversies in Latin American Bioethics (Springer, 2018). .

Since 2021, Martín has been president of the Ibero-American Association of Law Schools and Faculties. He has been an advisor to the Honorable Chamber of Deputies of the Argentine Nation in the reform, updating and unification of the Civil Code with the Commercial Code and in constitutional matters. He has also been consultant to the Pan American Health Organization on health and human rights issues. He was the 1st chair of the Framework Convention on Global Health Alliance, he is a member of the Governing Council of NCD Child and the Advisory Board of FIC Argentina. In editorial matters, he was director of the Journal of Law & Equality in Canada (2004-2006) and, as a student, the 1st director of the Argentine Journal of Legal Theory (1999-2000).