V Workshop in International Economics and Finance, Buenos Aires, 2002

August 19-22, 2002
Buenos Aires, Argentina


The format of the presentations will be following: presenters will have 60 minutes, 
discussants 15 while 15 minutes will be devoted for general discussion

Academic Sessions

Monday, August 19

"Sudden Stops, the Real Exchange Rate and Fiscal Sustainability: Argentina's Lessons"
Guillermo Calvo, Interamerican Development Bank.
Discussant: Martín Uribe, University of Pennsylvania.

"Speculative Attacks on Debts, Dollarization and Optimal Currency Areas"
Marcia Leon, Research Department, Central Bank of Brazil. (with Aloisio Araujo)
Discussant: Timothy J. Kehoe, University of Minnesota and Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis.

"Endogenous Financial Intermediation and the Real Effects of Capital Account Liberalization"
George Alessandria, Ohio State University (with Jun Quian)
Discussant: Alejandro Hernández, ITAM.

Tuesday, August 20

"Human Capital, Organizations, and Foreign Direct Investment"
Alexander Monge-Naranjo, Northwestern University
Discussant: Hugo Hopenhayn, Universidad T. Di Tella and University of rochester 

"Anticipated Ramsey Reforms and the Uniform Taxation Principle: the Role of International Financial Markets"
Stephanie Schmitt-Grohe, Rutgers University (with Martin Uribe)
Discussant: Pedro Teles, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago 

"Decades lost and found: Chile and Mexico in the 1980s and 1990s"
Raphael Bergoeing, Universidad de Chile (with Timothy J. Kehoe and Patrick J. Kehoe )
Discussant: Enrique Mendoza, University of Maryland 

Wednesday, August 21

"Short Run Pain, Long Run Gain: The Effects of Financial Liberalization"
Graciela Kaminsky; George Washington University (with Sergio Schmukler)
Discussant: Jeremy Bulow, Stanford Graduate School of Business. 

"Banking on Foreigners: The Behavior of International Bank Lending to Latin America, 1985-2000"
Andrew Powell, UTDT (with Maria Soledad Martinez Peria and Ivanna Vladkova Hollar)
Discussant: Miguel Kiguel, Banco Hipotecario.

"On the Benefits of Capital Account Liberalization"
Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas, Princeton University (with Olivier Jeanne)
Discussant: Andres Velasco, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University.

Thursday, August 22

"The Anatomy of A Multiple Crisis: Why Was Argentina Special And What Can We Learn From It"
Guillermo Perry, The World Bank (with Luis Serven)
Discussant: Federico Sturzenegger, Universidad T. Di Tella 

"Argentina's Financial Crisis: Floating Money, Sinking Banking"
Sergio L. Schmukler, The World Bank (with Augusto de la Torre and EduardoLevy Yeyati)
Discussant: Ernesto Talvi, CERES* 



Monday, August 19

Pablo Andrés Neumeyer, Director, Department of Economics, Universidad T. Di Tella 
Aldo Pignanelli, President, Argentine Central Bank 

"Sovereign Bankruptcy: Can We Do Better, How?"
Chair: Graciela Cairoli, Vice President, Capital Markets Argentina 
Panel: Martin Anidjar, Vice President, JP Morgan Chase
Jeremy Bulow, Professor of Economics, Stanford Graduate School of Business
Pablo Guidotti, Universidad T. Di Tella 

"Bank Runs: Lessons from North America in the XIX Century".
Chair: Finn Kydland, Professor, Carnegie Mellon University
Lecturer: Edward Green, Senior Vice President, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago 

"Future Banking Arrangements for Argentina".
Chair: Axel Von Trotsenburg, Director for Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, The World Bank*
Panel: Miguel Kiguel, President, Banco Hipotecario
Emilio Cardenas, Executive Director, HSBC Argentina Holdings S.A.
Pedro Pou, Former President Argentine Central Bank 

"In Memory of Rudi Dornbusch".
Chair: Carlos Rodriguez, Rector, Universidad del CEMA
Federico Sturzenegger, Director, Escuela de Economía Empresarial, Universidad T. Di Tella
José de Gregorio, Consejero, Banco de Chile
Alejandro Werner, Director de Estudios Económicos, Banco de México 
Ilan Golfajn, Director, Banco do Brasil*

"Fiscal Institutions in Argentina: What is the Problem and How to Fix It".
Chair: Guillermo Calvo
Panel: Juan Carlos Romero, Gobernador de la Provincia de Salta.
José Manuel de la Sota, Gobernador de la Provincia de Córdoba.
Felipe Sola, Gobernador de la Provincia de Buenos Aires.

Closing Remaks
Guillermo Calvo, Inter American Development Bank.