III Workshop in International Economics and Finance, Buenos Aires, 2000

August 21-24, 2000
Buenos Aires, Argentina



Monday, August 21st

"Output Costs, BOP Crises, and Optimal Interest Policy"
Amartya Lahiri, Carlos Vegh.
Discussant: Pedro Teles.

"Balance Sheets and Exchange Rate Policy"
Andres Velasco, Roberto Chang, Luis Cespedes.
Discussant: Enrique Mendoza.

"On the Fundamentals of Self-Fulfilling Speculative Attacks"
Craig Burnside, Martin Eichenbaum, Sergio Rebelo.
Discussant: Andrés Velasco.
Tuesday, August 22nd

"An Estimate of Currency Unions on Trade and Growth" 
Andrew Rose (with Jeffrey Frankel)
Discussant: Tim Kehoe.

"Banking Crises and Exchange Rate Regimes"
Ilker Domac, María Soledad Martinez Peria.
Discussant: Martin Eichenbaum.

"Monetary Policy in an International Financial Crisis"
Lawrence Cristiano, Cristopher Gust, Jorge Roldos.
Discussant: Andy Neumeyer. 
Wednesday, August 23rd

"Dollarization of Liabilities: Underinsurance and Domestic Financial Underdevelopment"
Ricardo Caballero, Arvind Krishnamurthy.
Discussant: Hugo Hopenhayn
"Country Portfolios"
Aart Kraay, Norman Loayza, Luis Serven, Jaume Ventura.

"Heterogeneity and Evolution of Expectations in a Model of Currency Crisis"
Jasmina Arifovic, Paul Mason.
Discussant: Juan Pablo Nicolini.
Jornadas Bancarias y Monetarias

Salón Bosch
Banco Central de la República Argentina (BCRA)

This conference is co-organized with the 
Latin American and Caribbean Economic Association and the Universidad Torcuato Di Tella.

Jueves, 24 de agosto de 2000

Pedro Pou, Presidente (BCRA).

New Methods to Measure Credit Risk and their Applications
Chair. Aquiles Almansi, Director, BCRA
Paul Narayanan (Narayanan Consultants)
Tom Wilde (Credit Suisse Financial Products)
Andrew Powell (BCRA).

The Role of Foreign Banks in Latin America.
Chair: Guillermo Lesniewier, Superintendente, BCRA
Eric Rosengren (Federal Reserve Bank of Boston)
Alejandro Werner (Banco de México)
Felipé Morandé (Banco Central de Chile)
Javiar Bolzico (BCRA).

Special Presentation: On Trade and Monetary Unions
Chair: Andrés Neumeyer, Director, Dept. of Economics, UTDT.
Andrew Rose (University of California, Berkeley).

The role of the IMF in Advanced Emerging Countries
Chair: Chris Canavan, Vice-President, Goldman Sachs, and Co.
Ricardo Arriazu (Arriazu Consultants)
Mario Blejer (IMF)
Sebastián Edwards (University of California, Los Angeles)
Pablo Guidotti (UTDT).

The Future of Mercosur
Chair: Guillermo Calvo, University of Maryland and UTDT
Debora Giorgi (Secretaría de Industria, Comercio y Minería) Ministry of Economics, Argentina)
Sergio Werlang (Director, Economic Policy, Central Bank of Brazil)
José de Gregorio (Ministro de Economía, Industria y Minería, Chile)
Jorge Braga de Macedo (Director of Research, OECD, Paris).

Closing Remarks
Chair: Dr Pedro Pou, Presidente, BCRA
José Luis Machinea (Ministro de Economía y Obras y Servicios Públicos).