II Workshop in International Economics and Finance, Buenos Aires, 1999

August 16-19, 1999
Buenos Aires, Argentina




"An Options Based Analysis of Emerging Exchange Rate expectations: Brazil's Real Plan, 1994-1999" 
José M. Campa, P.H. Kevin Chang and James F. Refalo

"Volatile Exchange Rates and the Forward Premium Anomaly: A Segmented Market Asset View" 
Fernando Álvarez, Andrew Atkeson and Patrick Kehoe

"Emerging Market Crises: An Asset Market Perspective"
Ricardo Caballero and A. Krishnamurthy


"Bankruptcy protection against macroeconomic shocks: the case for a ‘super Chapter 11'"
Marcus Miller and Joseph Stiglitz

Bernhard Paasche

"Collateral, Credit-History, and the Financial Decelerator" 
Ronel Elul


"Hedging and Financial Fragility in Fixed Exchange Rate Regimes"
Craig Burnside, Martin Eichenbaum, Sergio Rebelo

"Competition and Reputation"
Ramón Marimón, Juan Pablo Nicolini and Pedro Teles

"Building a Case for Currency Boards"
Carlos Zarazaga

Banco Central de la República Argentina and the University Torcuato Di Tella 
Conference on Argentine Political Economy

Sala Bosch
Banco Central República Argentina

Buenos Aires, 19 de agosto de 1999

Opening Session
Guillermo Calvo, University of Maryland and the Universidad Torcuato Di Tella (UTDT)
Pedro Pou, Governor Banco Central de Argentina (BCRA)
P. Andrés Neumeyerm, Chair Economics Department, Universidad Torcuato Di Tella (UTDT)

1: Banking Policy

Advances in The Basel International Capital Requirement Standards
Chair: Andrew Powell, Chief Economist (BCRA)
Special Presentation: Christine Cummings, Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Mario Vicens, MV Macroeconómica
Federico Sturzenegger, UTDT.

Bank Restructuring: The International and Argentine Experience 
Chair: Javier Bolzico, Director (BCRA)
Special Presentation: Stijn Claessens, World Bank
José Jaime, SEDESA
Eduardo Escasany, Banco de Galicia y Bs. As. 

2: Monetary and Financial policy

Panel: International Financial Architecture
Chair: Martín Lagos, Deputy Governor BCRA
Nouriel Roubini, United States Treasury
Miguel Kiguel, Economic Ministry of Argentina
Guillermo Perry, World Bank
Chris Canavan, Goldman Sachs

Panel: Dollarization
Chair: Pedro Pou, Governor BCRA
Pablo Guidotti, Economic Ministry of Argentina
Ricardo Hausmann, Interamerican Development Bank
Michael Gavin, Warburg Dillon Read
Harvy Rosemblum, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

3: Economic Policy

Rules and Discretion in Democratic Emerging Countries
Chair: Aquiles Almansi, Director BCRA
Special Presentation: Prof. Alan Drazen, University of Maryland

Final Panel: Argentine Economic Policy
Guillermo Calvo, UTDT & University of Maryland
Jorge Remes Lenicov, Partido Justicialista
Ricardo López Murphy, FIEL
José Luis Machinea, Partido de la Alianza
Adolfo Sturzenegger, Partido Acción por la República

Closing Remarks
Pedro Pou, Governor BCRA
Roque Fernández, Minister of Economy of Argentina

The BCRA would like to thank the following institutions that have made this event 
possible: The Latin American and Caribbean Association (LACEA), The Foundation of the University Torcuato Di Tella, The World Bank and The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. This Conference closes the "Summer Camp in International Economics and Finance" that took place in the University Torcuato Di Tella from the 16th to 19th of August 1999. This Conference was organized jointly by the BCRA and the UTDT.