The Legal Philosophy Trident (LPT) is a partnership between three Universities: Surrey, Pompeu Fabra, and Torcuato di Tella. The goal is to showcase recent work in analytic legal philosophy (broadly construed) through an online seminar series and other academic events. It is coordinate by Lucas Miotto (Surrey), Ezequiel Monti (UTDT) y Lorena Ramírez-Ludeña (UPF).

The seminars are free and open to anyone but previous registration is required. To register, please follow this link.

The format of the seminars is pre-read. The paper will be circulated in advance to those who register to attend. The speaker will provide a short introduction before discussion, but taking a look at the paper in advance is highly advisable.
For more information about the series, visit the LPT website.

Contact: Ezequiel Monti (

2023-2024 Seminar Series

Oct 20 (2023), 1pm (Buenos Aires time, GMT -3:00) - Elise Woodard (KCL), 'Mistreating Consent' 

Nov 10 (2023), 2pm (Buenos Aires time, GMT -3:00) - Fabienne Peter (Warwick), TBC 

Dec 1 (2023), 2pm (Buenos Aires time, GMT -3:00) - Benjamin Kiesewetter (Bielefeld), TBC 

Feb 2 (2024), 2pm (Buenos Aires time, GMT -3:00) - Adam Perry (Oxford), TBC 

Mar 1 (2024),  2pm (Buenos Aires time, GMT -3:00) - Samuele Chilovi (CSIC), 'Anchoring, Grounding, and Explanatory Laws'  

Apr 5 (2024), 1pm (Buenos Aires time, GMT -3:00) - Alma Diamond (Chicago), 'Beyond Personal Models of Legal Authority'

May 3 (2024), 1pm (Buenos Aires time, GMT -3:00) - Martin David Kelly (Edinburgh), TBC

Previous Seminars


Oct 21 (2022) - David Enoch, 'Contrastive Consent and Third-Party Coercion'

Nov 11 (2022) - Kate Greasley, 'Mistaken Consent and Socially Reasonable Beliefs'

Dec 9 (2022) - Robert Mullins, 'The Weight of Precedent' 

Feb 10 (2023) - Kimberly Ferzan, 'Detention and Distrust' 

Mar 23 (2023) - Marcello di Bello and Rafal Urbaniak, 'Gaps in the Evidence'

May 24 (2023) - Jean Thomas, 'Social Normativity and General Jurisprudence' 

Jun 23 (2023) - Ulrike Heuer, 'Obligations and Exclusionary Reason'