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Ph.D. in Economics, University of Minnesota

Director of Business Economics Undergraduate Studies, UTDT

Email: ebelfiori@utdt.edu  

Tel.: (+54 11) 5169 7301 

Website personal: elisabelfiori

Elisa Belfiori is a Macroeconomist with interest in Climate Economics and Public Finance. Her research is on the optimal taxation of carbon emissions, intergenerational climate justice, and the promotion of renewable energy and carbon capture and sequestration technologies. She specializes in integrated assessment models of climate change and its applications to the optimal design of climate policies. 

Prior to joining UTDT, Elisa was an economist researcher at the Pontifica Universidad Católica Argentina and a tenure-track professor at Colorado State University in the United States. She also worked for four years as a senior monetary analyst at the Central Bank of Argentina and two years as a research assistant at the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis. Monetary Economics, Banking, and Finance are thus also in her research interests.