XXVI Workshop in International Economics and Finance | CALL FOR PAPERS

The XXVI Workshop in International Economics and Finance will be held in Santiago de Chile on September 26th and 27th, 2024. The event will be hosted by the Central Bank of Chile and Universidad Andrés Bello.

The workshop is a unique event that brings together top researchers and policymakers from the North and the South to discuss recent theoretical and empirical advances in International Economics and Finance. The goal of the meeting is to gain a better understanding of the macroeconomic problems faced by Latin American countries and to encourage research on those subjects. We will discuss approximately ten academic papers in closed seminar-style sessions; some sessions of a less technical nature will be open to a broader audience. 


·     Papers must be submitted in English through this link

·     The deadline for submitting papers for this event is June 23rd, 2024.

·     The program will be posted on the workshop’s web site www.utdt.edu/ief-workshop by July 12th.


  • Thomas Sargent, NYU
  • Hugo Hopenhayn, UCLA

We welcome empirical and theoretical papers on International Economics, Macroeconomics, Finance and Political Economy that address issues of relevance for the economies of Latin America. Topics of special interest include (but are not limited to!): 

  • Aggregate Productivity: firm dynamics, distortions, informality, innovation, credit frictions, technology adoption, foreign direct investment, and trade.
  • Macroeconomic aspects of low fertility rates and higher expected lifetimes.
  • Global supply shocks, inflation, price dynamics, and monetary policy
  • Fiscal policy management and commodity price risk: politics and economics.
  • Foreign exchange rate intervention and international reserve management. 
  • The role of central banks in addressing inequality, gender issues and climate change.

The papers to be presented in the academic sessions will be selected by a program committee whose members include:

Alvaro Aguirre, Banco Central de Chile

João Ayres, Inter-American Development Bank

Andrés Neumeyer, Universidad Torcuato Di Tella

Francisca Sara-Zaror, Federal Reserve Board

Benjamín Villena-Roldán, Universidad Andrés Bello

Guillermo Vuletin, The World Bank


The workshop's organizers are Banco Central de Chile, Universidad Andrés Bello, Universidad Torcuato Di Tella, the World Bank’s LAC Chief Economist Office, and the Inter-American Development Bank’s Research Department, and the University of Chicago’s Becker-Friedman Institute. The workshop is an activity of LACEA’s International Macroeconomics and Finance Network.

The organization of this event is possible thanks to the generous financial support provided by: the World Bank LAC Chief Economist Office, the Inter-American Development Bank’s Research Department, the Becker-Friedman Institute, the Central Bank of Chile and Universidad Andrés Bello.