Visa Requirements

Government provision #2023-96270648 of the Dirección Nacional de Migraciones (National Migrations Department) establishes that those entering the country for educational purposes for periods longer than two days must obtain an Electronic Entry Permit (TIE 24H) or visa before arriving in Argentina. UTDT will not issue transcripts to those students who do not upload proof of their TIE24H or visa to the corresponding platform by the stipulated date.

The entry permit (TIE 24H) can only be requested by citizens of countries that do not require a tourist visa to enter Argentina (see list here.)

Those coming from countries that require a visa will have to apply for the -365 or +365 visa, depending on the duration of their studies at UTDT.

Both the TIE 24H (see the processing instructions at the bottom of this page) and the visa can be processed as of 90 days before the start of the study period at UTDT. Since the process can take several months, it is important to start the application at least two months before arrival in Argentina, or as soon as the acceptance letter is received. In the acceptance package, UTDT will provide to accepted students all necessary information for requesting the TIE 24H or the visa.