Visa Requirements

In order to issue the end-of-semester or academic year transcript, Universidad Torcuato Di Tella requires that all exchange and free mover students show proof of having appropriate student status in Argentina. This may be obtained by getting a student visa prior to their travel to Argentina or, when unable to get the visa due to circumstances beyond the student's control, the temporary residence permit, which needs to be requested within 90 days of arrival in the country. Students who do not submit their visas or residences within the stipulated time frame will not receive a transcript.


There are two ways of getting the visa, depending on your citizenship:

  1. Citizens of countries not from MERCOSUR and who do not require a tourist visa to enter Argentina (see list of countries here) should obtain the TIE 24H. 

  2. Citizens of MERCOSUR countries and nations that require a visa to enter Argentina must obtain the -365 visa, if studying in Argentina for less than 365, following the instructions listed here. Alternatively, they will need to obtain the +365 visa (see requirements and steps on this link).

After sending you your acceptance letter, we will provide you with further information to obtain your visa.