Certificate Programs

UTDT´s semester-long certificate programs have been designed for students who want to focus on Latin American Studies or Human Rights during their studies in Buenos Aires. They both offer courses in English and Spanish and students may opt to take the 3 courses required to obtain these certificates in English, Spanish, or a mixture of both. All courses take a comparative approach to ensure a critical understanding of the issues studied.

Certificate in Latin American Studies

The Certificate in Latin American Studies explores the most current social, political, linguistic, and cultural developments shaping Latin America. Sample courses that make up this program are:
  • Populism in Comparative Perspective
  • Cultura, Memoria e Identidad a Través de Expresiones Audiovisuales Argentinas Contemporáneas
  • Tópicos de la Literatura Argentina Contemporánea
  • Origins and Development of the Peronist Movement in Argentina: History, Politics and Public Opinion
  • Current Political Issues of Latin America

Certificate in Human Rights

This certificate explores Human Rights in Latin America from philosophical, historical, cultural, and social viewpoints. Sample courses that students may choose to take as part of this program are: 

  • Genocide and Human Rights in the 20th Century
  • Current Topics of Human Rights through Film
  • Latin America and The Cold War: a Global History of Radical Ideas, Political Culture and State Repression
  • Dictatorship and Political Activism: The 1960s and 70s in the Southern Cone
  • Identity, Politics, and Gender in Argentina
  • Práctica de Derechos Humanos
The application deadlines for these programs are the same as for regular exchanges. 

For further information about these programs please contact international@utdt.edu