Courses in English (2021/2022)


First semester (March - June)

Second semester (August - November)

Each course entails 68 contact hours and at least an additional 102 hours of work outside of the classroom.

*These Business courses entail 34 contact hours and are 8-weeks long.


Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Business in Argentina: Understanding Emerging Markets

Summer Camp in Emerging Markets (TBD)

Students coming to this program may stay on in July to take the intensive Argentine Culture and Language course (60 contact hours). 

Master in Management & Analytics (MiM)

February - March 2022 (TBC) August - October 2022 (TBC)

The courses offered in February – March entail 30 class/contact hours; the ones in August – October entail 15 contact hours. Students must do at least 1.5 hours of work on their own per class/ contact hours.

Master in Law and Economics (MDE)

April 11 - 14, 2022 (TBC)

June 27 - 30, 2022 (TBC)
July 18 - 21, 2022 (TBC)

Master in Finance (MFIN)

March - June 2021

June - September 2021

Note: Students taking courses in English will not need to show proof of Spanish proficiency. However, if English is not their first language, the home university will need to certify that they have reached at least a B2 level of English.

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