Seminarios presentados durante 2018

21/03/2018 Pedro Dal Bo 'The Determinants of Efficient Behavior in Coordination Games'
27/03/2018 Conferencia: Martín Beraja 'Buenos Aires Meetings in Economics' 
04/04/2018 Gabriel Montes Rojas 'Tests for nonlinear restrictions under local misspecification'
18/04/2018 Martin Rossi 'Following the Poppy Trail: Causes and Consequences of Mexican Drug Cartels'
25/04/2018 Anna Aizer 'Holding out for Mr Right: Women’s Income, Marital Status and Child Well-Being'
09/05/2018 Mariano Tommasi 'Tratando de entender la pobreza en Argentina'
15/05/2018 Constantino Hevia 'The Macroeconomics of Itaipu: an Open Economy Model of a Large Spending Shock'
16/05/2018 Martin Fiszbein 'Frontier Culture: The Roots and Persistence of "Rugged Individualism" in the United States'