Welcome to the ENI Di Tella - Think Tank for Inclusive Business!

Political, economic and social models are reaching their limits. More and more, we find ourselves asking the question, "what for?”, leading us to reconsider many fundamental questions: What do we live for? Why do we study? Why do we do business?

In the business world, we need to understand the limits of current institutional structures and co-create a new model that redefine relationships, roles and activities across sectors where public, private, third sector and community dialogue, gradually new paradigms emerge. Early attempts to change the status quo are often categorized as ‘trial and error’, but these pioneering impulses help us refine our ideas and spark a rapid succession of initiatives we call the ´emerging ephemeral´. Slowly, a new social structure is taking shape, an evolving process of consolidating concepts and schemes until the emergent becomes ´stable´, generating new institutions that re-define the relationships between diverse stakeholders within society.

In short, the current paradigm is worn out, and a new one is being born. The ENI Di Tella offers a place to enhance the critical and constructive thinking these emerging systems require.   

The ENI is an open space, we invite you all to join us to co-create!    

Jaqueline Pels
Director, ENI Di Tella

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