Seminarios presentados durante 2017

23/03/2017 Samuel Berlinski 'Does Rewarding Pedagogical Excellence Keep Teachers in the Classroom? Evidence from a Voluntary Award Program''
29/03/2017 Anastasia Burkovskaya 'Identification and Estimation of Electoral Model and Ballot Stuffing''
26/04/2017 Josh Graff Zivin  'The Impact of Pollution on Worker Productivity''
10/05/2017 Joaquin Blaum 'Importing, Exporting and Aggregate Productivity in Large Devaluations''
17/05/2017 Jan Eeckhout 'Unemployment Cycles''
23/05/2017 Carlos Scartascini 'Do Rewards Work? Evidence from the Randomization of Public Works''
24/05/2017 Marcelo Veracierto 'Gross Migration, Housing
and Urban Population Dynamics∗''
07/06/2017 Maria Marta Ferreyra 'Momento decisivo: La educación superior en América Latina y el Caribe''
13/06/2017 Fabiana Penas 'Debtor Protection, Credit Redistribution, and Income Inequality''
28/06/2017 Carlos Lamarche  'Common Correlated Effects Estimation of Heterogeneous Dynamic Panel Quantile Regression Models''
05/07/2017 Jonah E. Rockoff 'The Causes and Consequences of Test Score Manipulation: Evidence from the New York Regents Examinations"
12/07/2017 Demian Pouzo 'On the Non-Asymptotic Properties of Regularized M-estimators''
19/07/2017 Javier García-Cicco 'Revisiting the Exchange Rate Pass Through: A General Equilibrium Perspective''
02/08/2017 Matias Cattaneo 'Two-Step Estimation and Inference with Possibly Many Included Covariates''
09/08/2017 Rafael La Porta 'Diagnostic Expectations and Stock Returns''
15/08/2017 Conferencia de Coyuntura 'Robotización y el futuro del empleo: los desafíos''
16/08/2017 Pablo Kurlat 'Why are Banks Exposed to Monetary Policy?''
29/08/2017 Roberto Rigobon 'Retail prices, pass-through and big data''
18/10/2017 Rody Manuelli 'Natural Disasters and Growth: The Role of Foreign Aid and Disaster Insurance''
02/11/2017 Conferencia de coyuntura 'Las estadísticas públicas: estado actual y desafíos futuros''
07/11/2017 Timothy J. Kehoe 'Macroeconomic Effects of Medicare''
08/11/2017 Nicholas Trachter 'Knowing me and knowing you: a theory of intermediation''
22/11/2017 Juan Dubra ´Meet the Oligarchs: Business Legitimacy, State Capacity and Taxation'
23/11/2017 Gabriel Lopez-Moctezuma 'Sequential Deliberation in Collective Decision-Making: The Case of the FOMC'
29/11/2017 Andrea Ariu 'Trade in Services Microdata'
30/11/2017 Turulay Kenc 'Default Indicators with Volatility Clustering'