Grading System

A 10 Outstanding
A- 9 Outstanding minus
B+ 8 Very good plus
B 7 Very good
B- 6 Very good minus
C+ 5 Satisfactory plus
C 4 Satisfactory
D 2 Insufficient
F 1 Fail
U - Absent

  • There is no mistake in the absence of a grade equivalent to 3; UTDT does not have such grade.
  • Use of the grade (U) Absent

This will be used in case of absences to exams that have been justified by the University. To request a justification, the student will have to inform this to the International Programs Department as early as possible, cc'ing the Coordination at the home university. Absences to exams will only be justified in case of the student's illness or the death of immediate family.

  • Use of (D) Insufficient or F (Fail)

Absences to midterm or final exams will result in an F grade.

Dropping a course after the deadline will be graded as D or F. F will also be used when the course failure is due to a breach of the academic code of conduct.