Undergraduate courses

When selecting courses, please take into consideration that:
As an exchange or free mover student, you can register in regular undergraduate courses or in the courses offered by the Department of International Programs.
  1. UTDT´s first semester runs from March through July and the second semester from August through December. The academic semester has 16 weeks of classes plus 3 weeks of final exams.
  2. Unless otherwise stated, courses are taught in Spanish.
  3. International students can take courses from different majors and years provided they meet their requirements.
  4. A full-time course load is 3 courses per semester/quarter. Exceptionally, students may take up to 5 courses. 
  5. Class attendance is mandatory; students must attend at least 80% of the classes in each course.
  6. UTDT´s undergraduate programs are 4 or 5 years in length. European Masters students can choose 4th and 5th year Di Tella courses to meet their home University requirements.
  7. Most upper-level courses have prerequisites, which must be met in order to be able to enroll.  
  8. Every effort to accommodate your request for enrollment will be made, but some courses fill quickly and full courses are not overridden. Therefore, several preferences should be submitted to ensure that your needs will be met. Placement is only guaranteed in courses offered by the International Programs Department.
  9. All courses have at least two evaluations, usually a mid-term and a final. Each professor decides the type of evaluation for his/her course (i.e. individual papers, written exams, group projects). Satisfactory passing is a requirement for course approval. Most courses do not have makeup exams. Thus, missing an exam implies failing the course. The courses offered by the International Programs Department have their finals on the last week of class. All other course exams take place during the three weeks after classes are over. Exam dates are announced approximately 3 weeks before each exam period and are unmovable. (Please see the Academic Calendar for exam periods).

Course registration process

Students will do the course enrollment themselves approximately two weeks before the semester begins. They will be able to enroll in up to five courses. Changes in registration may be made until the end of the second week of class. Registration instructions will be sent to the students after the acceptance letter is emailed.

Please request the course offer by contacting international@utdt.edu.