XVII Workshop in International Economics and Finance, San José, 2014

 8.30-8.45 Registration

8.45-9.10 Opening Remarks: Andrés Neumeyer (UTDT and Inter-American Development Bank) & Alonso Alfaro Ureña (BCCR)

09.10-10.20 "Capital Goods Trade and Economic Development" View

Michael Sposi (Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas), B. Ravikumar and Piyusha Mutreja 

Discussant: Samuel Pienknagura

Chair: Alexander Monge

10.40-11.50 "Demand Expectations and the Timing of Stimulus Policies" View

Bernardo Guimaraes (Sao Paulo School of Economics) and Caio Machado

Discussant: Mark Wright

11.50-13.00 "Innovation and Production in the Global Economy" View

Andrés Rodriguez-Clare (UC Berkeley and NBER), Costas Arkolakis, Stephen Yeaple and Natalia Ramondo

Discussant: Veronica Rappoport


Chair: José Pablo Barquero Romero

14.00-15.10 "The Anatomy of French Production Hierarchies" View

Lorenzo Caliendo (Yale University), Ferdinando Monte and Esteban Rossi-Hansberg

Discussant: Alexander Monge

15.10-16.20 "Economic Development and the Organization of Production" View

Nicolas Roys (University of Winsconsin Madison) and Ananth Seshadri

Discussant: Juan Sanchez

Chair: Andrés Neumeyer

16.40-17.40 Policy Session "Entrepreneurship & Productivity in Latin America" 

Augusto de la Torre (The World Bank), Pablo Sanguinetti (Corporación Andina de Fomento) and Santiago Levy (Inter-American Development Bank)

Chair: Andrew Powell

09.00-10.10 "Credit Constraints and Growth in a Global Economy" View

Keyu Jin (London School of Economics), Nicolas Coeurdacier and Stéphane Guibaud

Discussant:  Francisco Buera

Chair: Constantino Hevia

10.10-10.50 "Capital Market Financing, Firm Growth and Firm Size Distribution" View

Sergio Schmukler (The World Bank), Ross Levine and Sergio Schmukler and Tatiana Didier

Discussant: Eugenia Andreasen

Chair: Constantino Hevia

11.10-11.50 "Capital Flows, House Prices, and the Macroeconomy: Evidence from Advanced and Emerging Market Economies" View

Alessandro Rebucci (John Hopkins Carey Business School), Ambrogio Cesa-Bianchi and Luis Felipe Cespedes Cifuentes

Discussant: Andrew Powell

Chair: Roger Madrigal

11.50-12.50 Key Note Lecture. "Easy but Deep Facets of Liquidity: Liquidity Boom/Crunch/Trap and the Price Theory of Money", Guillemo Calvo


Chair: Alonso Alfaro Ureña

14.00-15.10 "Managing Credit Bubbles" View

Alberto Martin (Universitat Pompeu Fabra and CREI) and Jaume Ventura

Discussant: Emilio Espino

Chair: Tito Cordella

15.30-16.10 "Are Capital Controls Prudential? An Empirical Investigation" View

Andrés Fernández (Inter-American Development Bank), Alessandro Rebucci and Martin Uribe

Discussant: Jessica Roldán