• Libros


    ·       2022: Latin American International Law (co-editor with Alexandra Huneeus and Sergio Puig; under contract with Oxford University Press).

    ·       2021: Estudios críticos sobre responsabilidad penal y política criminal comparada (Madrid: Marcial Pons, co-editor with Iñigo Ortiz de Urubina, forthcoming).

    ·       2021: A Theory of Asymmetric Warfare: normative, legal and conceptual issues (Oxford University Press, forthcoming).

    ·       2015: Problemas Estructurales de Derecho Penal Internacional (Madrid/Barcelona/Buenos Aires/San Pablo: Marcial Pons). Sole editor.

    ·       2010: The Philosophical Foundations of Extraterritorial Punishment (Oxford: Oxford University Press).

    Spanish translation: Los fundamentos filosóficos de la justicia penal extraterritorial (Madrid/Bogotá/Buenos Aires: Marcial Pons, Luciana Moron trans., 2014). 

  • Artículos

    Journal articles and book chapters (in English)

    ·       2021: “The International Court of Justice and the Use of Force”, in Carlos Espósito et al (eds), Cambridge Companion to the International Court of Justice (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming).

    ·       2021: "International Law and Constitutional Law" in Roberto Gargarella et al, Oxford Handbook of Latin American Constitutional Law (Oxford University Press). Spanish translation in Revista Latinoamericana de Derecho Internacional.

    ·       2020: “International Criminalization: Normative and Conceptual issues”, in Kevin Jon Heller et al, Oxford Handbook of International Criminal Law (Oxford University Press).

    ·       2020: “Law or Strategic Calculus? Abstentions in the Argentine Supreme Court” (with Sergio Muro) International Review of Law & Economics.

    ·       2020: “Asymmetrical Warfare” in O. Richmond and G. Visoka (eds), The Palgrave Encyclopedia of Peace and Conflict Studies.

    ·       2020: “Exploring dissent in the Supreme Court of Argentina” (with Sergio Muro, Sofia Amaral- García and Nuno Garoupa) International Review of Law & Economics (63).

    ·       2018: "International Law and Constitutional Law" in Roberto Gargarella et al, Oxford Handbook of Latin American Constitutional Law (Oxford University Press, forthcoming).

    ·       2018: “Revisionist Just War Theory and the Concept of War Crimes” Leiden Journal of International Law 31(1), 171-194.

    Spanish translation: in En Letra. Derecho Penal (forthcoming)

    ·       2018: “Social Validation Influences Individuals’ Judgements about Property” (with Leandro Casiraghi et al), Frontiers in Integrative Neurosciences 12:2.

    ·       2018: “Testing Representational Advantage in the Argentine Supreme Court” (with Sergio Muro et al), Journal of Law and Courts 6(1), 1-23.

    ·       2017: “The ad bellum challenge of Drones: Recalibrating Permissible Use of Force”, European Journal of International Law 28(1), 173-197.

    ·       2017: “Revisiting Defensive Killing: Liability, Mere Permissibility, and the Problem of Multiple Threats”, Utilitas 29(3), 321-343.

    Spanish translation: Revista de Derecho Penal y Procesal Penal (forthcoming)

    ·       2017: “War Crimes: a Roadmap for Philosophical Enquiry”, Introduction to a Special Issue on War Crimes, Criminal Law and Philosophy (accepted, forthcoming).

    ·       2017: “Terrorism and the Conceptual Divide Between International and Transnational Criminal Law” in Harmen van der Wilt (ed), Legal Responses to Transnational Crimes (London/New York: Edward Elgar).

    ·       2015: “Occupation courts, jus ad bellum, and non-state actors: revisiting the ethics of military occupation”, Legal Theory 21(1), 18-46.

    Previously published in the NYU Jean Monnet Center Working Paper Series. Reprinted in Tatjana Hörnle et al (eds), Courts and their Equivalents (Hart, forthcoming, 2017). Spanish translation, Revista Latinoamericana de Derecho Internacional, Issue 4 (2016).

    ·       2014: “Jurisdiction”, in Markus Dubber and Tatjana Hörnle (eds), Oxford Handbook of Criminal Law (Oxford: Oxford University Press).

    Spanish translation: Revista de Derecho Penal y Procesal Penal (2015).

    ·       2014: “Traditional and Contemporary Approaches to the Philosophy of Crimes against Humanity” International Criminal Law Review 14(4-5), 813-835 (Symposium issue).

    ·       2013: “Developing Local Capacity for War Crimes Trials: insights from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Colombia and Sierra Leone”, Stanford Journal of International Law 49(2), 297-329.

    Spanish translation: in Problemas Estructurales de Derecho Penal Internacional.

    ·       2011: “Developing the Capacity of Bosnia and Herzegovina to Process War Crimes Cases: Critical Notes on a ‘Success Story’” Journal of International Criminal Justice 9(3), 547-570.

    ·       2010: “Citizenship v Territoriality: Explaining the Scope of the Criminal Law” New Criminal Law Review Vol. 13(2), 427-448 (Symposium issue).

    ·       2010: “The Extraterritorial Scope of the Right to Punish”, Law & Philosophy Vol. 29(2), 127-157.

    A previous version of this paper appeared in the LSE Law, Society and Economy Working Papers Series (WP 4/2008). German translation “Die extraterritoriale Reichweite des Rechts zur Bestrafung”  (forthcoming 2017).


    Journal articles and book chapters (originally in Spanish)

    ·       2021: “Guerra Justa”, in Íñigo González et al (eds.), Manual de Filosofía Política (Ariel).

    ·       2020: “Perspectivas objetivas y subjetivas en la ética de los conflictos armados”, in Hilgendorf et al (eds.), Festschrift Marcelo Sancinetti (Duncker & Humblot, Germany).

    ·       2017: "Una evaluación normativa del uso de drones en conflictos armados asimétricos" Isonomía 46, 29-62.

    ·       2014: “Introducción” (with Eduardo Rivera López), Special Dossier on Just War Theory Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the beginning of World War I, Revista Argentina de Teoría Jurídica.

    ·       2014: “Filosofía del Derecho penal internacional” in Jorge Fabra and  Ezequiel Spector (eds), Enciclopedia de Filosofía del Derecho y Teoría Jurídica, vol. III (México, Instituto de Investigaciones Jurídicas de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México).

    ·       2013: “La Corte Penal Internacional y los nacionales de Estados no partes: en busca de las bases del derecho penal internacional” in Alejandro Consigli (ed), La jurisprudencia reciente y el Derecho internacional (Buenos Aires: Consejo Argentino para las Relaciones Internacionales).

    ·       2011: “¿Es posible saber si un testigo dice la verdad?: a propósito de ‘Detecting lies and deceit, pitfalls and opportunities’ de Aldert Vrij”, Revista de Derecho Penal y Procesal Penal Num. 10 (2011).

    ·       2011: “Respuesta a Marcelo Ferrante y Hernán Gullco”, in Revista Argentina de Teoría Jurídica, vol 12(2) (December, 2011).


    Book Reviews

    • 2018: “Protecting civilians in war, but perhaps not enough. A review of Seth Lazar’s Sparing Civilians”, Jurisprudence (forthcoming).
    • 2016: “Review of The Thin Justice of International Law, by Stephen Ratner”, Modern Law Review 79(5), 919-924.

  • Investigación en curso

    Works in progress

    • “Exploring Dissent in the Supreme Court of Argentina” (with Sergio Muro, Nuno Garupa, and Sofia Amaral, under review).
    • “Institutional Design and the Mechanisms for Case-selection in the Argentine Supreme Court” (with Sergio Muro, Jorge Silva and Juan Pablo Mosquera, under review).
    • “Mutually Unjust Wars” (with Eduardo Rivera López, in preparation).
    • “Reasonable prospect of success in defensive killing: an experimental account (with Mariano Sigman, Albert Costa and Marc Lluis, in preparation).