Tinker Institutional Grant

To be considered for a Tinker Institutional Grant, a proposal must be submitted by an institutional entity and be geographically focused on Latin America, Iberia or Antarctica. Topically, the projects should deal with environmental policy, governance or economic policy. Support may be sought for, but is not limited to, research projects, conferences and workshops. The Foundation encourages collaboration between and among organizations in the United States, Latin America, Spain and Portugal.
Prior to developing a full proposal, and well before the deadline, you may wish to submit a brief description of the project to ascertain the Foundation's interest.

Applications for the institutional grants program are considered biannually by the Board of Directors in mid-June and mid-December. The deadline for receipt of proposals for the summer meeting is March 1st; for the winter meeting it is September 15th. These dates represent final deadlines for consideration of proposals. We urge and strongly advise those seeking support to submit proposals to the Foundation well in advance of these closing dates. Discussion and consultation may be required prior to the acceptance of a proposal for serious consideration and recommendation to the Board of Directors.

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