John Templeton Foundation: 2010 Funding Priorities

The John Templeton Foundation has two grantmaking cycles during the calendar year. During both cycles we accept Online Funding Inquiries related to our Core Funding Areas and our 2010 Funding Priorities.

For the current grantmaking year, the Foundation has designed several funding opportunities that ask researchers and other project leaders to focus their attention on a group of particularly compelling topics. These 2010 Funding Priorities challenge grant-seekers to develop proposals that specifically address one or more of the Big Questions under the headings below.

Active Funding Priorities
Online Funding Inquiry submission window: February 1 to April 15, 2010

- Quantum Physics and the Nature of Reality
- Foundational Questions in the Mathematical Sciences
- Culture, Biology, and Human Uniqueness
- Finding Free Will
- Moral Formation
- Private Gain and the Public Good

Forthcoming Funding Priorities
Online Funding Inquiry submission window: August 1 to October 15, 2010

- The Science and Significance of Complexity
- From Beliefs to Behavior
- Religious Leadership in an Age of Science
- Thrift and Thriving
- Can GM Crops Feed the World?

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