Labour Demand Index (IDL)

The release of the Labor Demand Index is temporarily suspended due to methodological revisions.

The Center for Financial Research (CIF) at Torcuato Di Tella University has begun, with the development of the Labour Demand Index, the periodical study of he Argentine labour market. The IDL measures the evolution of the labour demand surveying the number of ads requesting personnel published in Clarín and La Nación and a number of regional newspapers.      

As the publication of an ad requesting personnel is one of the first steps in the process of hiring workers, an index measuring changes in demand for labour by means of the number of ads looking for personnel can be considered as a leading indicator of the labour market conditions and of economic activity in general.

Being an index of easy construction and availability, the IDL is a tool of critical importance in anticipating changes in the Argentine economy.

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If you wish to consult IDL reports or the historical series, please go to "IDL Reports" or "IDL Full Series".