Canada: International Research Linkage

This program is designed to facilitate international collaboration within the academic community while fostering the development of permanent exchange networks by providing assistance to teams of researchers from Canada and one or more countries in order to organize seminars or other forms of research linkages.

The International Council for Canadian Studies through a contribution of the Government of Canada offers grants of up to 10,000 CDN$ to assist in the establishment or the development of international research networks in the area of Canadian Studies between Canada and other countries.

Research team: a research team is defined as a group of at least two researchers with at least one having completed graduate studies (Ph. D. or equivalent).

Canadian Studies:

1.Although we welcome applications from all disciplines lending themselves most readily to Canadian Studies course development we are particularly interested in projects that have policy relevance for Canada and Canada’s foreign policy. Topics that are highly relevant to Canada’s foreign policy include Democracy & Rule of Law, Economic Development, Environment, Managing Diversity, North American Partnership, Peace and Security; 
2.Interdisciplinary studies on Canada;
3.Comparative studies with substantial Canadian content (33% or more); 
4.Aspects of Canada’s bilateral relations with the participating countries.
Notes: Priority may be given to projects that relate to Canadian foreign policy contemporary situations and issues which illuminate options for future developments, or which focus on Canada’s bilateral relations with the participating countries.

Purely scientific subjects such as physics, chemistry, medicine, engineering, etc. which would not lead to a better knowledge and understanding of Canada per se are not eligible, nor are proposals which focus exclusively on technological or methodological issues.

Deadline: November 24rd 2009 at the Canadian Embassy in Buenos Aires

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