Consulting Services

Below you will find some of the companies and institutions for which researchers at the Center for Financial Research performed consulting services in the past:

v   World Bank

v   Inter-American Development Bank

v   Adecco

v   MBA Lazzard

v   Club Atlético Independiente (CAI)

v   National Health Ministry of Argentina

v   Security and Insurance Superintendence of Chile

v Unit of the Public Debt Management, Ministry of Economy and Finance of Uruguay

v Treasury Solicitor´s Office in Argentina

v   United Nations Developmente Programme (UNDP)

v   Centro de Estudios para la Producción (CEP)

v   Centro de Investigación para la Epidemia del Tabaquismo (CIET)

v   Unión de Aseguradoras de Riesgo de Trabajo (UART)

v   Roswell Park Cancer Institute (RPCI)

v   Lehman Brothers

v   Columbus Merchant Bank