Published Papers

  • Crime and Violence: Desensitization in Victims to Watching Criminal Events (with Rafael Di Tella, Lucía Freira, Ramiro H. Gálvez, Diego Shalom, and Mariano Sigman), Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, In Press, available online 26 October 2017. [Download]
  • The Deregularization of Land Titles (with Sebastian Galiani), Man & the Economy (2016), Vol. 3 (2), pp. 169-188. Leading article.
  • Criminal Recidivism after Prison and Electronic Monitoring (with Rafael Di Tella), Journal of Political Economy (2013), Vol. 121 (1), pp. 28-73. [Download] [Download Database]
  • Reality versus Propaganda in the Formation of Beliefs about Privatization (with Rafael Di Tella and Sebastian Galiani), Journal of Public Economics (2012), Vol. 96 (5-6), pp. 553–567. [Download]
  • Land Property Rights and Resource Allocation (with Sebastian Galiani), Journal of Law and Economics (2011), Vol. 54 (4), pp. S329-S345. [Download]
  • Conscription and Crime: Evidence from the Argentine Draft Lottery (with Sebastian Galiani and Martín Rossi), American Economic Journal: Applied Economics (2011), Vol. 3 (2), pp. 119-136. [Download] [Download_Appendix] 
  • Buying Less, but Shopping More: The Use of Non-Market Labor during a Crisis (with David McKenzie), Economía LACEA (2011), Vol. 11 (2), pp. 1-43. [Download]
  • Evaluación del Programa de Entrega Voluntaria de Armas de Fuego en Argentina (with David Lenis and Lucas Ronconi), Perspectivas sobre el Desarrollo CAF (2011), Vol. 9 (1), pp. 14-36. [Download]
  • Property Rights for the Poor: Effects of Land Titling (with Sebastian Galiani), Journal of Public Economics (2010), Vol. 94 (9-10), pp. 700-729. [Download] [Download Database] Translated version reprinted in Solano: Efectos del otorgamiento de títulos de propiedad de la tierra, Desarrollo Económico (2010), No. 198, Vol. 50, leading article. [Download] Featured in The Wall Street Journal (front page), November 9, 2005. [Download]; The Economist (In Focus), August 24, 2006  [Download]; and Time Magazine (contributed article by Madeleine Albright and Hernando De Soto), July 5, 2007.

  • Water Expansions in Shantytowns: Health and Savings (with Sebastian Galiani and Martín González-Rozada), Economica (2009), Vol. 76 (304), pp. 607-622. Leading article. Reprinted in Chong, Alberto (ed.) Privatization for the Public Good? Welfare Effects of Private Intervention in Latin America, InterAmerican Development Bank & DRCLAS Harvard University, 2008, pp. 25-41. [Download]
  • School Decentralization: Helping the Good Get Better, but Leaving the Poor Behind (with Sebastián Galiani and Paul Gertler), Journal of Public Economics (2008), Vol. 92 (10-11), pp. 2106-2120. [Download] Translated version reprinted in Cueto, Santiago (ed.) Reformas pendientes en la educación secundaria, PREAL: Santiago de Chile, 2009, pp. 209-241. [Download]
  • The Formation of Beliefs: Evidence from the Allocation of Land Titles to Squatters (with Rafael Di Tella and Sebastián Galiani), Quarterly Journal of Economics (2007), Vol. 122 (1), pp. 209-241. [Download[Download Database]
  • Targeted Interventions in Health Care: The Role of Facility Placement (with Mercedes Fernández and Sebastián Galiani), Fiscal Studies (2006), Vol. 27 (3), pp. 373-395. [Download]
  • Water for Life: The Impact of the Privatization of Water Services on Child Mortality (with Sebastián Galiani and Paul Gertler), Journal of Political Economy (2005), Vol. 113 (1), pp. 83-120. Abridged version reprinted in Meier, Gerald and James Rauch, Leading Issues in Economic Development, 8th edition, Oxford University Press, 2005. [Download] Reprinted in Diana Pinto Masís and Peter Smith (eds.), Health Care Systems in Developing and Transition Countries: The Role of Research Evidence, Edward Elgar, 2009, pp. 259-293.
  • Do Police Reduce Crime? Estimates Using the Allocation of Police Forces after a Terrorist Attack (with Rafael Di Tella), American Economic Review (2004), Vol. 94 (1), pp. 115-133. [Download] [Versión en Español] [Download Database]
  • Effects of Land Titling on Child Health (with Sebastián Galiani), Economics and Human Biology (2004), Vol. 2 (3), pp. 353-372. [Download]
  • The Role of Wages and Auditing during a Crackdown on Corruption in the City of Buenos Aires (with Rafael Di Tella), Journal of Law and Economics (2003), Vol. 46 (1), pp. 269-292. [Download]
  • Do Publicly Traded Firms Price Differently from Private Firms? American Law and Economics Review (2003), Vol. 5 (1), pp. 32-60. [Download]
  • Financial Dollarization and Debt Deflation under a Currency Board (with Sebastián Galiani and Eduardo Levy Yeyati), Emerging Markets Review (2003), Vol. 4 (4), pp. 340-367. [Download]
  • Evaluating the Impact of School Decentralization on Educational Quality (with Sebastián Galiani), Economía LACEA (2002), Vol. 2 (2), pp. 275-314. [Download]
  • Banking Regulation and Competition with Product Differentiation (with Federico Sturzenegger), Journal of Development Economics (2000), Vol. 63 (1), pp. 85-111. [Download]
Working Papers
  • Persuasive Propaganda during the 2015 Argentine Ballotage (with Rafael Di Tella and Sebastian Galiani), NBER Working Paper N° 26321, October 2019.

Books and Book Chapters

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  • The Economics of Crime: Lessons for and from Latin America (with Rafael Di Tella and Sebastian Edwards, book editors and authors of the introductory chapter), Chicago and London: NBER-University of Chicago Press, 2010. [Download]
  • Crime Inequality and Victim Behavior during a Crime Wave (with Rafael Di Tella and Sebastián Galiani) in Rafael Di Tella, Sebastian Edwards and Ernesto Schargrodsky (eds.), The Economics of Crime: Lessons for and from Latin America, Chicago and London: NBER-University of Chicago Press, 2010, pp. 175-206. [Download]
  • Case Studies: Buenos Aires (with Sebastian Galiani) in International Property Rights Index 2008 Report, Washington DC: Property Rights Alliance, 2008, pp. 44-48.[Download]
  • The Benefits and Costs of Privatization in Argentina: A Microeconomic Analysis( con Sebastián Galiani, Paul Gertler, y Federico Sturzenegger) en Chong,Alberto y Florencio Lopez-de-Silanes (eds.), Privatization in Latin America – Myths and Reality, Stanford University Press, 2005, pp. 67-116. [Download]
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