Published papers

  • Merener, N., Moyano, R, Stier-Moses, N. & Watfi, P. (2016). Optimal Trading and Shipping of Agricultural Commodities. Journal of the Operational Research Society, vol. 67, pp. 114–126. Summarized in the Global Commodities Research Digest from the JP Morgan Commodities Center at CU Denver.
  • Boyd, P., Mindlin, G. & Merener, N. (1998). Low Dimensional Dynamics outside the Laboratory: the case of roAp stars. Europhysics Letters, vol. 42 (1), pp. 111-127.

Working papers

  • Baldi, F. & Merener, N. Displacement Risk in Agricultural Commodity Markets: The Impact of Plant-Based Meat.
  • Davison, M. & Merener, N. Equilibrium and Real Options in the Ethanol Industry: Modelling and Empirical Evidence.