Vivienda informal

Doing Bad by Doing Good? An Empirical Analysis of the Incentives from Informal Settlements’ Upgrading Programs on Urban Informality

Lincoln Institute of Land Policy Working Paper

Autoras: Goytia, Cynthia y Dorna, Guadalupe

Año: 2019

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A Comparative Study of the Land Regulation in the Urban Agglomerates of Argentina and its Relationship with the residential tenure condition.

Lincoln Institute of Land Policy Working Paper WP10CC1 (a publicar en Journal of Urban Economics).

Autores: Goytia, Cynthia y Pasquini, Ricardo.

Año: 2010.


Informal neighborhoods in Buenos Aires Metropolitan Region: understanding the effects of land regulation on the welfare of the poor

Autores: Goytia, Cynthia y Lanfranchi, Gabriel.

Año: 2009.

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