Published Papers

Recent Articles

  • Género y acceso al financiamiento empresario en Argentina, con Bruno Galetto. IADB Document for Discussion #760. 2020
  • Brecha de género en el acceso al financiamiento en Centro América y República Dominicana. With Jordi Pratt and Gisele Teixiera Braun. IADB, forthcoming.
  • Gender Gap in Entrepreneurship. Evidence from Argentina. With Alejandro Bricker. DLSU Business and Economics Review, 27(1):1-27 · July 2017.
  • What leads and what restricts entrepreneurship? Evidence from Argentina. With Alejandro  Bricker. Partnership for Economic Policy (PEP). 2016
  • Factors influencing youth entrepreneurial intent and event. With Alejandro  Bricker. Conference Paper: XXI Reunión Anual de la Red PyMEs MERCOSUR. 2016
  • Two to Tango: Argentina's Vertical Imbalance and Revenue Mobilization” chapter 2 in Decentralizing Revenue in Latin America: Why and How, edited by Fretes Cibils, Vicente;Ter-Minassian, Teresa, IADB, 2015.
  • Tearing Down the Walls. With Daniel Artana and Mario Cuevas, in Growing Pains, edited byr Manuel Agosin, Eduardo Fernandez-Arias and Fidel Jaramillo, Inter-American Development Bank, Washington DC. 2012
  • Sub-National Revenue Mobilization in Latin American and Caribbean Countries: The Case of Argentina. With Artana, Daniel, Cristini, Marcela, Moskovitz, Cynthia, Templado, Ivana. IDB Working Paper 356. 2013
  • Firm Size and Credit in Argentina. With Ricardo N. Bebczuk and  Gabriel Sanchez, IDB Working Paper 396. SSRN Electronic Journal. 2013
  • Inserción Internacional en América Central y República Dominicana. Diagnóstico y Desafíos. With Ernesto Stein, IDB Working Paper 356. 2012.
  • Implementing a Community-Based Poverty Monitoring System in Argentina” CBMS Working Paper, PEP. 2012
  • Housing Finance Policy under Dutch Disease Pressure: The Mortgage Market in Trinidad and Tobago” junto a R. Moya y S. Sookram, IDB-TN-302, Inter-American Development Bank. 2011
  • The Demand for Mortgages under Macro Volatility: The Argentine Case. With R. Bebczuk and R. Moya, IDB-TN-284, Inter-American Development Bank. 2011

Recent Books

  • Partners or Creditors? Attracting Foreign Investment and Productive Development to Central America and Dominican Republic. With Mario Cuevas and Osmel Manzano editors, IADC, Washington DC, EE.UU. 2015. 304 pages. ISBN: 978-1-59782-208-4.
  • ¿Tiempo de Cosecha? Desafíos y oportunidades del sector agrícola en Centroamérica y la República Dominicana Políticas Agrícolas en Centroamérica, With Osmel Manzano editores, IADB, Washington DC. 2012. ISBN: 978-1-59782-147-6