Early Retail Sales Index (ITV)

In 2014 the Center for Financial Research launches the Early Retail Sales Index, which estimates changes in retail sales at constant prices for the Greater Buenos Aires Area.

The ITV is calculated using data on pedestrian traffic, obtained in an automated way and in real time by URBIX, an industry leader in measurement and analysis of pedestrian traffic. The ITV is based on the notion that variations in pedestrian flow in commercial areas generally lead to changes in retail sales levels. The ITV is part of a global trend towards the construction of economic indicators based on data collected in an automated way and in real time.

The ITV results are released in a press report at the end of each month. To receive the monthly reports, you can subscribe for free here.

For further information regarding this indicator, please contact:

Juan Ignacio Napoli:jnapoli@utdt.edu
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If you wish to consult ITV reports or the historical series, please go to ITV Reports or ITV Full Series.