Coronavirus | Temporary suspension of in-person classes

To:                        Di Tella´s community

From:                   Universidad Torcuato Di Tella

Re.:                       Temporary suspension of in-person classes

Date:                    March 15, 2020


In accordance with resolution 104/2020 from the National Ministry of Education, the University has decided the suspension of all in-person classes as of this moment. 

On Monday, March 16 and Tuesday, March 17 only the courses that were already being taught virtually last week will be offered. For all other courses that will not have virtual nor-in person classes lecturers are requested to provide students with preparatory readings or practical assignments.

We are working at maximum speed to migrate by March 30 all the courses that due to their pedagogic characteristics or ways of functioning may be changed to such modality. The courses for which such migration may not be effective will be rescheduled.

It is possible that these readjustments may require the modification of the current academic calendar. This may entail adjusting the holiday periods.  

Trusting that you may understand that these decisions are aimed at preserving the health of the community and ensuring academic quality, we greet you and count on your utmost collaboration.