Covid-19/Coronavirus has spread beyond the city of Wuhan (China), where it was initially identified. We must all collaborate so as to curb the effects this virus has on the global community.


It is very important to stay calm and to concentrate on what is essential: prevention and early detection. Therefore, please implement the measures indicated below:

-       Wash your hands frequently with water and soap or with an alcohol-based disinfectant.

-       Adopt respiratory hygiene: cough or sneeze covering the mouth and nose with the inner elbow or with disposable tissue.

-       Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.

-       The World Health Organization (WHO) only recommends the use of facemasks for ill people in order to avoid the spread of the virus


Coronavirus symptoms are:

-       Fever.

-       Cough.

-       Respiratory difficulties.


If you should experience any of these symptoms, stay at home and do not attend any lectures or events at university, other public events or use public transportation. Request medical assistance by contacting the insurance provider, explaining the symptoms and detailing any recent travels or contact with people from the countries where the virus has been detected.


Should any symptoms are identified, a medical waiver will be needed before the person is allowed to continue regular activities at UTDT.


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