Nuevo libro de la profesora Graciela Speranza


La Biblioteca Di Tella adquirió el libro de la profesora Graciela Speranza, “Surrealism in Latin America: vivísimo muerto”. Podrán verificar en el CATALOGO su disponibilidad y ubicarlo en los estantes bajo la siguiente signatura: NX501.5 .S87 2012

Sobre el libro:

Autores: Dawn Ades, Rita Eder, and Graciela Speranza

Título: Surrealism in Latin America: vivísimo muerto

Publicación: Los Angeles: Getty Research Institute, c2012

Páginas: 224 p.

Contenido: Introduction. Dawn Ades, Rita Eder, and Graciela Speranza.-- Part one. Surrealist love letters: the art and poetry of César Moro.-"We who have neither church nor country": Cécar Moro and Surrealism / Dawn Ades.- Semiotics of the body and the passions in César Moro´s love letters and poems / Yolanda Westphalen.- Making the stone speak: César Moro and the object / Kent Dickson.-- Part two. Surrealist encounters in the new world: pre-columbian and northwest coast art.- Benjamin Péret and Paul Westheim: Surrealism and other genealogies in the land of the aztecs / Rita Eder.- Anthropology in the Journals Dyn and El hijo pródigo: a comparative analysis od surrealist inspiration / Daniel Garza Usabiaga.- Wolfang Paalen: the totem as sphinx / Andreas Neufert.-- Part three. Revisiting the surrealism revolution: ideology and action.- André Breton´s anthology of freedom: the contagious power of revolt / María Clara Bernal.-"My goddesses and my monsters": Maria Martins and Surrealism in the 1940´s / Terri Geis.-- Part four. The surrealism effect: legacies and reception in art, literature, and politics.- A note concerning causality: Julio Cortázar and surrealism / Gavin Parkinson.- The photographic legacy of surrealism in late-twentieh-century chilean poetry / Matías Ayala.-- Wanderers: surrealism and contemporary Latin American art and fiction / Graciela Speranza.