Beginning of the Argentine Culture and Language Course

Monday, February 5th

Intensive Spanish Course
The intensive Argentine Culture and Language course is designed for intermediate to advanced level Spanish speakers who would like to refine their reading, listening, and speaking skills so they achieve a full and active insertion in the Argentine academic experience and life. 

Through a wide range of communicative and cultural activities, this course will help further develop fluency and linguistic sophistication. It includes: presentation of vocabulary and syntax of the Río de la Plata region; cultural, historical and practical information about Buenos Aires and other regions in Argentina; analysis of major newspapers and current events; introduction to Argentine music and cinema, among other topics.

The course takes place during the month before the start of each undergraduate semester. It meets from 3 to 6 pm 5 days per week (60 hours total). The grade obtained in this course is included in the student´s official transcript.

Students interested in taking this course must indicate it in their exchange student application. 

The price of the course is USD 350 and it includes all course materials and cultural activities.

Download the syllabus in Spanish/English

February 2018: February 5th - March 1st

Lugar: Av. Figueroa Alcorta 7350
Contacto: Tatiana Cuadra