Bachelor in Business Administration

The UTDT Bachelor Degree in Business Administration educates future entrepreneurs and managers to address - with efficiency and creativity- complex business problems, with the goal of allocating resources of the firm with an holistic business perspective. The Degree allows students to interact with all the levels of the organization in order to facilitate the coordination for achieving common objectives.

UTDT trains its Business graduates in defining the strategic goals of the firm, also for effectively making and executing decisions. From a solid knowledge on Accounting, Costs and Taxes, Human Resources, Statistics, Marketing, Economics and Finance, students are able to accomplish the rigours necessities of today companies. UTDT offers a wide range of elective courses to expose participants to the latest innovations in markets and technologies. Students round off the learning experience with the crafting of a professional business plan that must be defended in front of a panel of seasoned venture capitalists.

Di Tella offers a wide range of exchange opportunities abroad. Thus, they can learn to study in different languages, live in different places, and apply the wider personal experience of living abroad to their professional careers. UTDT offers a double-degree diploma with HEC Paris, the French Grand Ecole that trains the top managers in France and Europe. The degree can be obtained by a three-year stay at UTDT, followed by a two-year stay at HEC.

Business students at UTDT are always welcome at the Department of Professional Development, which instructs in prospecting jobs, facilitates the first employment experiences, organizes formal and informal encounters with the main recruiters in the market, and gives graduates high exposure by permanently publishing updated CVs and job work searches in its website.

To be part of UTDT means accepting the challenge of intellectual provocation to become a future leader of Latin America.

Contact Information
For further information please contact the Business Administration’s admission staff at Foreign applicants (those coming from institutions with exchange agreements with UTDT) must contact Ms. Natalia Cuadra at