Imagen: Daniel Koehler, WanderYards, 2017. Modelo realizado en PLA para la exhibición Coder Le Monde, Centro Pompidou, 2018. Créditos: The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, B-Pro, Research Cluster 17. Cortesía de los autores.

Ways of Making

Profesor: Mario Carpo

This seminar will assess the present state of computer-based design by situating today's digital turn within the long duration of the history of cultural technologies. It will first describe the technical logics of hand-making, mechanical reproductions, and digital making, and highlight the differences between digital variability, manual and artisanal variations, and the mechanical mass-production of identical copies. It will focus on some instances of identical reproduction that were crucial in architectural history, and on the modernist theories of economies of scale and standardization. It will then outline a brief history of the digital turn and of its theoretical and technological premises, and discuss the present state of digital design theory and computation, particularly with regard to the cultural and epistemological implication of Big Data, artificial intelligence and machine learning; and their consequences for the making of form.