Modelos realizados en la Architectural Association Visiting School. Fotografía: Archivo EAEU.


Apps and digital infrastructures rapidly infiltrate and transform our way of life. Smart heating and cooling systems can sense movement and learn our living patterns for ideal temperature control. Nanotechnology is enabling continuous illumination. Anywhere. Anytime. We enjoy the freedom to work from a distance, share a car with a stranger, download an album and learn German through Skype. What was once an urban experience is now contained within the range of movement of your thumb. Within this condition, the body has become the battlefield where socio-economic and political forces collide, splintering our attention and increasingly marginalizing our spaces for social interaction. Digital Constructivism aims to investigate the implications of information and communication technologies in architecture. For two weeks, the studio produced formal experimentation using tensile geometries in search of greater corporeality. This involved 3D modelling, physical and virtual media, and the making of large-scale tensile installations.