Simulación y Retroalimentación, Decision Making. Profesor/es: Nathaniel Zuelzke. Ayudante: Franca Martínez Ferrol. Alumno/s: Ian Groisman, 2018. Construcción de mesetas por medición y promedio progresivo de puntos cercanos en una topografía.

Simulación y Retroalimentación

Decision Making

Profesor: Nathaniel Zuelzke
Ayudante: Franca Martínez Ferro

Simulation & Optimization presents hands-on instruction in design computation, informed by theory and discussion. The course focuses on simulation as a technique for generative form-finding and design exploration, interrogating how the idea of optimization relates to both empirical and subjective measures of performance in architecture. Throughout the course, the role of the computer in contemporary authorship and collaboration is discussed, as well as methods for exercising autonomy and achieving authorial will are identified. In short, the course is about decision making.