Imagen: Portada de Archivos de Arquitectura 08 Symmetry

08 Symmetry

Symmetry is the coolest and most gracefully effortless, and probably the most effective way to deal with unnecessary difference in a world where worthlessness has become currency, comfort zone, cliché, and commodity. Symmetry turns the inherent impoverishment of the value of difference upside down by reducing it and constructing higher levels of intelligence and beauty with its absence. Symmetry is the means to sharpen difference through sameness, distilling traits and individuations out of the general indifference resulting of the addiction to difference for the sake of it. Symmetry is a resource to the power of indifference, an aggressive cultural form that generates difference in kind by eroding from within the lowest degree of difference: that which makes no difference. Symmetry dries out lagoons and secures knowledge. It is a breach opened up in the midst of the nothingness of fullness. Symmetry speaks unheard of voices and creates little cores of significance across the mute continuum of difference. It is the spoken word that both murmurs and shouts out new forms of language, the ultimate means for meaningful suspensions, the resonance box that neutralizes irrelevance, the sweet revenge of oneness in the sea of multiplicities, the fold by which indifference turns into its opposite: singularity.