Ph. D. in Marketing, HEC, París.

Profesora investigadora asistente, UTDT

Tel.: (+54 11) 5169-7333



Elena Fumagalli earned her doctorate in Marketing at HEC Paris in June 2018. Prior to entering the Ph.D. program, she received her B.A. from Cattolica University in Milan and her M.Sc. in Marketing Management at Bocconi University.

Elena's research interests fall into the domains of consumer self-identity and emotion in consumer psychology. At the intersection of these domains, her dissertation research investigates the influence of aversive states (i.e., identity threats, negative emotions, negative outcomes) on consumers’ motivations and behavior. She also investigates how consumers manage multiple social identities in a variety of situations such as when they face self-threatening events (e.g., failure on a test for student-athletes) or when they face resource scarcity contingencies (e.g., time allocation for working parents).