Program Overview

The Master in Finance Program at Universidad Torcuato Di Tella Business School is designed to educate innovative young professionals to work in the world’s sophisticated financial markets. We offer specialization tracks in Capital Markets, Corporate Finance and also on Banking. The program blends a financial economics approach to the main issues and instruments together with a practitioner-oriented view of financial transactions. The program further emphas the connections between emerging markets and the leading global financial markets. About half of the classroom hours are in charge of distinguished academic faculty and the other half are led by renowned market practitioners.

The highly flexible curriculum combines theoretical and quantitative tools with the essential hands-on approach of practical experience. The core finance curriculum is reinforced with elective courses that allow for orienting one’s personal curriculum. These give a unique curricular flexibility when compared with other programs and provide the necessary tools to adapt to the ever increasing complexity of modern finance.

The Master in Finance program provides participants with the cutting-edge knowledge in finance and the methodology of applying the knowledge to real-world problems. The participants will not only acquire a toolkit of up-to-date models but will also understand their structure and limitations. The skills acquired upon completion of the Masters in Finance program provide an individual with the ability to command the financial instruments utilized in today’s capital markets. The program’s strong foundation in modern finance theory, practice of investments, and corporate finance provides rigorous analytical skills that are critical to sound financial decision-making in the rapidly changing marketplace.

Advantages of the Master in Finance program at UTDT
- Experience
The program offers an outstanding instructional staff possessing a diverse education background from many elite European and American Universities. 58% of professors hold a Ph.D., with the vast majority of those obtained from international institutions. Half of the professors actively participate professionally in the financial market.
UTDT is probably the most active research university in South America, and the Finance program has attracted a top-level team of researchers and teachers coming from Argentina, Australia, Canada, Europe, New Zealand and the U.S.
- Curricular Flexibility
The program offers a wide range of electives and ample possibilities of incorporating courses from other programs taught at Di Tella such as the Masters in Econometrics, Economics, Law and Economics, Public Policy, and Urban Economics.
- Reputation and International Scope
The Universidad Torcuato Di Tella School of Business is currently ranked 8th among all business schools in Latin America (1st in Argentina) and has maintained strong upward momentum since its inception. Furthermore, Torcuato Di Tella offers many exchange agreements with world-class business schools abroad.
Program outline
The Masters in Finance program is taught on a part-time basis during a 10 month calendar, March through December. Students are required to complete six mandatory courses, 14 credits composing elective courses (each one gives between 1 and 3 credits), and to carry out a Final Work/Thesis. The structure of the curriculum permits the student to adapt it to his/her own specialization. The study plan contains basic finance courses in addition to three elective branches of specialization.
The weekly schedule of a Master in Finance student consists of the participation in three night classes during the week as well as one class on Saturday morning.
Class profile
Masters in Finance students have wide and diverse academic backgrounds and work experiences. Most are between 25 and 30 years old and work in the financial area of retail banks, investment banks, regulators of the financial sector, risk assessment, consultant companies, and assorted non-financial businesses. 40% of students have degrees in Economics, 13% in Accountancy, 31% in Business Administration, 10% in Engineering, and 6% from other fields.

Most students aspire to broaden their professional opportunities, combining the depth of their theoretical knowledge with practical skills. Students seek to develop their professional profile into financial management of bank administration, investment banking, institutional investment management, trading, regulation, consultancy, research, and various non-financial business endeavors. Through the Masters in Finance program at UTDT, students have the opportunity to enhance their professional profile by orienting it towards finance. 
Admission Requirements
The Admissions Committee seeks qualified candidates with solid educational and professional foundations and high potential who are willing to contribute to the academic richness and diversity of the Masters in Finance program. Candidates should hold a university-level degree (official transcripts are mandatory), complete an application form, submit two letters of recommendation, and pass the UTDT Admission Test (submission of GMAT test results above 580 exempts as well as being ranked at the top 15% of the applicant’s College class exempts students from this requirement). Classes are taught in Spanish but reading command of English is required.  Application materials can be downloaded here.