Visa Requirements

International students who do not need a visa to enter Argentina as tourists (see list of countries here) are not required to get a student visa before arriving. They will need to process a temporary residence permit once they have entered the country.

Students who are nationals of Australia, Canada or the US are required to pay a Reciprocity Fee in order to enter Argentine Territory. You may pay this fee BEFORE entering the country, via the Immigration Office website.

The payment of this entry request fee IS NOT A VISA since Argentina does not require a visa for nationals of the mentioned countries when traveling for tourism or business purposes. This fee does not alter the temporary residence permit process, which is obligatory.

The cost of the Reciprocity Fee varies according to the country:

  • Australia -  USD 100 (single entry)
  • Canada - USD 75 (single entry)
  • United States of America - USD 160 (multiple entry - valid for 10 years)


Students coming for up to six months do not need any documentation from their home countries. They will need to request a certificate of criminal record in Argentina ($60) and present that along with the passport, two pictures 4x4 with white background, copy of all the pages of the passport and AR$300 in the National Immigration Department. 

Students staying for more than 6 months or who come from MERCOSUR and associated countries will need to bring a certificate of criminal record from the country or countries where they have resided for the past 5 years. This certificate should either be legalized by an Argentine consulate from that country or bear an apostille from the Hague. Students with dual citizenship should use the same passport to request this certificate of criminal record as the one they will use to get the temporary residence permit in Argentina.

U.S. students need the FBI criminal record. This is the only document that will be accepted in Argentina as criminal record of the United States. The FBI should apostille the criminal record and then it has to be translated and legalized. The apostille is done by the US Foreign Ministry.

If your certificate is in a language other than Spanish, it must be translated. It is advisable that the translation be done in Argentina by a public translator, which will then need to be legalized by the College of Public Translators. To find a translator, you may consult their webpage here.

This certificate will be presented along with an Argentine certificate of criminal record, passport, copy of all the pages of the passport, two pictures 4x4 with white background, certificate of argentinian residence and AR$300 in the National Immigration Department.

The Argentine certificate of criminal record is valid for 3 months from the date of issue.  Once you have gone to Immigration and received the temporary residence permit, you may leave and enter Argentina as often as you like until it expires.

Students have up to 90 days to complete this process and will be assisted by staff from the International Programs Office. For more details, please  click here.

Students who require a tourist visa to enter Argentina will be required to get a student visa before arriving in Buenos Aires. The University must solicit permission for entry (permiso de ingreso) from the Immigration office in order for the visa to be approved. This costs AR$600 and can take up to 3 months, so please let us know as soon as possible if you are in this situation.

We suggest that you verify the additional visa requirements and costs with the Argentine Consulate where you will get your visa while preparing your application materials.