Course Offerings & Registration

Course Registration for International Students

Once you have been accepted as an Exchange Student by UTDT, the International Program Office will assist you in determining the course offerings for your semester of study.  In the meantime you may use these documents  to complete the Course Preference section of the online application. 


Below you will also find the course descriptions in English, to help facilitate the approval of course credit at your home university with exchange coordinators, professors and other authorities who may not read Spanish.

The International Programs Office organizes some courses each semester that are especially designed to be of interest to our exchange students. Some of them are open to Argentine students as well, and others are reserved only for international ones. The courses are all taught in Spanish and have the same number of contact hours and level of academic rigor as our regular UTDT courses.

Download the  International Programs Office courses offered in 2014.

You may download the course catalogues for our undergraduate offerings by department:

Business Administration

Economics & Mathematics



Political Science & International Studies

 Please confirm with our office that the classes in which you are interested will be offered during the semester that you visit (

Formal registration will be held during the first week of classes, at which time you may modify your selections.

Di Tella will make every effort to accommodate your request for courses, but cannot guarantee spaces in specific courses. If necessary, priority will be given based on your discipline at your home university (i.e., students from business schools will have priority in business classes).

If you are a graduate student, but not in an MBA program at your home university, you are only allowed to enroll in a MBA course if you are 24 years or older and have at least 2 years work experience.  Please inquire with our office if you meet these criteria and would like to enroll in MBA courses.

Graduate Program Course Offerings - please re-confirm that there have not been any changes to these schedules.




Master in Political Science