Nomination and Application Process for Exchange Students

Exchange students coming from partner universities must be nominated by their home institution.

Nomination Deadlines:

First Semester (March - July): October 1
Second Semester (August – December): March 15

Application Deadlines:

First Semester (March - July): November 1
Second Semester (August – December): April 15

Please complete the online application form and send scanned copies of the following supporting documents in one single email to Please do not mail hard copies.

  • Online application form
  • Passport (photo and personal information page)
  • Official University Transcript (including the most recent semester)
  • Proof of Spanish Language Proficiency
  • Photograph (passport size)
  • CV
  • Statement of Purpose for participating in Exchange Program (in Spanish)
  • Acknowledgement of Risks and Release of Responsibility [download]
  • Health Form [download]
  • Application Form 
  • Proof of local health insurance (see William Hope for further details) 
  • If you are an Architecture student you will also have to submit a portfolio in .pdf format. (Length: between 5 and 20 pages) 

Incomplete applications will not be processed!

You should expect to receive an email with the admissions decision approximately 3 weeks after the application deadline.

Statement Regarding Spanish Language Proficiency:

A high level of command of the Spanish language is required to have a successful and rewarding semester or year at our institution. We require a minimum of two years of college level Spanish or a B2 level. Students with Spanish skills below this level often struggle to comprehend lectures and seminars and keep up with the demanding weekly reading assignments that are part of UTDT courses.

Health Insurance

In order to protect our students, UTDT requires that all exchange students purchase health insurance from a local Argentine provider that includes coverage for the student in country as well as for medical evacuation and repatriation (for coverage limits, please contact our office).

To facilitate this process, UTDT offers a special plan provided by William Hope. Once covered by the plan, UTDT students have access to medical appointments, tests and emergencies without the need for prior approval from the insurance company and without having to use a credit card as a guarantee if hospitalized. For further details of the coverage, please download the Plan Description or see our Health Insurance page. You may also contact the following people at William Hope for more information:

Fernando Ceccardi 
Oscar Blasetti 
Claudia Sundberg 

Students with pre-existing conditions that may not be covered by local insurance should contact our office before arrival to discuss their medical needs and insurance coverage.

Students who wish to purchase alternative local coverage are free to do so, and must send the details of said coverage to the International Programs Office before arrival for its approval.

Students who do not have an appropriate health insurance by the first week of classes won´t be able to enroll.